Director – Infrastructure

Kash is a Director with over 18 years’ urban design experience. He leads the Infrastructure portfolio at CM+ and has extensive experience across a range of motorway, bridge and railway infrastructure projects.

His responsibilities include Client/Consortium liaison and project management which combine to deliver successful urban design outcomes on large scale and state significant projects. His skills and experience in the design, coordination and management of the urban and landscape design are utilised across all project stages.

His work on infrastructure projects includes analysis, strategic planning and development, concept design and reviews, visual assessment/REF’s, detailed design, documentation, and contract administration during construction.

Kash has a flexible and collaborative approach to managing relationships between clients, consultants and authorities and works closely with each project team, ensuring transparency in communication at all levels.

Bachelor of Architecture | Shivaji University, Kolhapur, India
Master of Urban Development & Design (MUDD) | University of New South Wales, Sydney