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Fostering the next generation of architectural talent is a celebrated tradition at CM+.

Since the 1980’s, university interns such as Natalie Lum and Sarah Anstee have brought their fresh ideas, while discovering the minutiae of working life in a thriving studio.

Here, they shed light on the lessons they have gained, project highlights and why CM+ has been a great choice for them while studying.

Natalie Lum is a Master’s of Architecture student at the University of NSW. She has been at the studio since early 2019.

At CM+, she has discovered a synergy with her own design sensibilities, along with a diverse portfolio that encompasses public spaces and commercial buildings to urban projects that have irrevocably shaped the city.

“It’s exciting to find a firm that communicates this particular style of aesthetics and design sensitivity, while also wanting to give back to the community. From the beginning, something just clicked with me,” Natalie says.

“The CM+ design approach is very creative. The team wants to push the boundaries. As interns, we’re given the freedom and confidence to contribute on every level, from design ideas and modelling through to the tender process. This rarely happens in other studios of this size.”

“We feel valued and supported to be the best we can, and to keep learning. The atmosphere here is inclusive and fun, with an undercurrent of strong collaboration.” – Natalie

Sarah Anstee is in her second year of a combined Honours and Master’s degree in Architecture at the University of Sydney. She has also been at CM+ since the start of the year.

Like Natalie, Sarah was drawn to CM+ because of its immense breadth and scope of project experience.

“This is my first placement. I wanted to have the capacity to work on a whole range of projects and get a feel for the design process in the real world, from end to end,” she says.

“We’re given free rein to explore new ideas and contribute to the creative process and design things, which is the most fun part of architecture.” – Sarah

Valour Park: A Creative Collaboration

An undoubted highlight for Natalie and Sarah has been their shared work on the Valour Park Design Competition, organised by The Remembrance Driveway Committee.

Valour Park on Remembrance Drive is located on the Federal Highway in Watson, ACT, linking Sydney and Canberra.

Competition entrants were asked to deliver an innovative, imaginative and timeless design to honour four Victoria Cross For Australia recipients from the Afghanistan conflict (a recognition of valour and devotion to duty). The design was required to remain in character with the park.

Natalie and Sarah were given some guidelines from the CM+ team before being invited to come up with a plan.

Using a combination of computer and drawings by hand, and model making with paper, they created a sketch of a stunning sculptural installation.

Sarah explains the pair wished to evoke the harsh realities of war, while testifying to the bravery of those who fought before. 

The project was shortlisted to the final three entries in the open competition.