Pacific Highway NSW
Pacific Highway upgrade - Yelgun to Chinderah

This upgrade of the Pacific Highway between Yelgun and Chinderah has had a positive impact upon the overall landscape quality of the environment throughout its route. This has been achieved through the effective utilisation and enhancement of habitat corridors and the implementation of an urban and landscape design language that integrates the road into its surroundings.

Landscape types were established along the route that provide the basis for lateral integration of the road as a roadway in four landscapes: rainforest, pastoral, lowlands and the Tweed Valley. The underlying topography of the environment is recognised and reflected though the treatment of ridges and creeks along the route.

Beyond the bounds of the road corridor, significant opportunities exist which powerfully improve the total road environment. This is achieved through the planting of creeklines to improve soil stability and water quality, adoption of recommendations regarding compensatory habitat to maintain connectivity, and detailed articulation of adjacent agricultural areas to improve efficiency and visual linkage with the road corridor.