The University of Sydney, NSW
The University of Sydney, Senate
Strategy plan, landscape master plan, precinct plans, design manuals

A strategy plan to guide the growth of Australia’s oldest University was prepared by CM+ in 1990. Issues studied included the capacity of the site, the discontinuity of the site across City Road, the conservation and enhancement of the University’s landscape and architectural heritage, the problems of environmental degradation due to traffic and parking and the need for an improved pedestrian environment. The study established a future urban form which allows the student population to double within acceptable environmental standards. This work has led to preparation of the Landscape Master Plan for the University, establishing the form and structure of open space, and of Precinct Plans, which provide detailed controls for buildings, movement corridors and landscapes. Design manuals were also produced to guide the University in a selection of urban furniture, lighting, signage and finishes, as well as maintenance procedures.