Sydney, NSW
Transport for NSW (TfNSW)

CM+ have prepared urban design ‘Place’ assessments for arterial road corridors across metropolitan Sydney. Carried out in parallel with traffic capacity studies (prepared by others). These studies combine to form Road Network Plans (RNPs), developed to ensure an integrated design and planning outcome of any future road development. Key objectives in the existing RMS Beyond the Pavement Guidelines provided a framework for an Urban Design assessment of each corridor and the key urban places along it.

The study reviewed the future role of each road corridor and how it interfaces with its urban context, identifying and assessing key urban design issues to be addressed including appropriate speed limits, pedestrian crossing points, footpath widths and state of repair, integration of public transport, street tree planting and landscaping opportunities, lighting and street furniture.

These RNPs will ensure the road is considered as part of a larger place, bringing urban design to the fore when categorising roadways and determining design direction, in order to realise a ‘whole of place’ solution.