Victoria Road, Sydney NSW
Bridge to Bay Alliance (Hyder, Manidis Roberts, RMS and BBHB)
Urban and landscape design
3.5 km
$550 m

The Inner West Busway is an important public transport project that improves the efficiency and reliability of bus services by delivering travel time savings and reduced travel time variability during peak periods. Recently completed, the project focuses on the 3.5 kilometre long corridor with the majority of upgrade works within the carriageway, and the new bridge over Iron Cove and its immediate environment.

New bridge over Iron Cove The new bridge provides additional traffic lanes and a dedicated shared path on the western edge connecting to Victoria Road. The additional lanes are provided for buses. King George Park and the original bridge abutments are upgraded as part of the project. Bus Facilities New bus stops improve public transport amenities for all commuters on Victoria Road between Parramatta and Sydney, reducing congestion.