Jodhpur, India
25 m x 15 m pool for children with disabilities

The design of a 25m x 15m pool for children with disabilities in Jodhpur, India. The health pool provides a pleasant private space for the children to learn and practice swimming. The vision for the project imagined these young people relieved of gravity for the first time and to move freely in the water. The design took from this a notion of lightness, interpreting traditional screening to preserve privacy and filter light and air to create a space that inspires. A light folded roof spans the pool, folding down into structural walls and expanding its role to wrap the pool in an integrated skin. Apart from its structural efficiency the skin embraces the natural environment, self-shading the space and creating thermal comfort. The perforations allow it to breathe, generating a natural ventilation flow. The folds stretch the screen increasing light and air to the interior space.

Background Story

The Freedom Pool is inspired by the aims and achievements of Sucheta Kriplani Shiksha Niketan (SKSN) a special Residential school located in north-western Rajasthan which cares for over 500 children and young adults with disabilities. An Australian and Indian team is working to create a special swimming pool that suits the school and its environment, and caters to the kids’ physical challenges.

In the process, we’re developing important long­er-term relationships, resources, skill-sharing and awareness between the two countries.

The growing bi-national team includes: architects; engineers (structural, aquatic and envi­ronmental); project managers and cost estimators; management and legal professionals; swimming experts who are working on training, coaching and water safety education and programs for both the immediate and longer term. In addition, a number of professionals across a range of areas are assisting and/or will assist the implemen­tation of the pool and its programs in important ways including fundraising, marketing, lifesaving, etc.

The Project’s Vision:

  • Children & Youth
  • Accessibility
  • Health & Mobility
  • Sports & Swimming
  • Education, Hygiene & Water Safety
  • Social Integration
  • Technology & Conservation
  • Relationships between India & Australia