Woonona NSW
The Village Building Company
56 attached terrace/courtyard houses
16 free standing houses
three - 3 storey apartment buildings incorporating 65 units
3 ha
2003 UDIA Award for Residential Development

Located on a 3 hectare site previously used as a brick quarry in Wollongong’s northern suburbs, the redevelopment included a mix of housing types and scales including free standing houses, medium density accommodation and SEPP 5 housing. CM+ were commissioned to prepare the SEPP 5 masterplan, the development application and construction certificate.

The estate is designed to create a unique urban village experience with the importance of pedestrian connectivity and interaction throughout the site. The range in building scale and density is complemented with various living types including, 56 attached terrace/courtyard houses, 16 free standing houses and three 3 storey apartment buildings, incorporating 65 units.