Coffs Harbour, NSW
Coffs Harbour City Council
Feasibility Testing
92 ha

The strategic review of the existing Coffs Harbour CBD building height and built form controls provides an assessment of the most appropriate urban design principles to apply in the future development of the CBD. The outcomes of this study will guide Council in its amendments to the Coffs Harbour LEP 2013 and DCP 2015.

The study considered the most appropriate city built form and in particular tested building height, bulk and floor space ratio (density). The built form scenarios were tested for airport height limits, pedestrian scale and climate responsive design considerations, including sunlight and shadowing.

The resulting controls will ensure the best urban outcome for the CBD including:

  • Built form and scale managed through height controls and FSRs.
  • Integrity and future amenity of key CBD areas, particularly City Square.
  • Ensure adequate solar access is available to all key areas.
  • 3D modelling to engage the community in the review process.
  • Ensure consistency with Council’s Coffs Harbour City Centre Masterplan.