Ashfield NSW
Ashfield Council
Public domain master plan
18 ha
$4.0 m (Stage 1)
2015 Planning Institute of Australia Commendation - Public Engagement + Community Planning

CM+ prepared the Public Domain Master Plan for Ashfield Town Centre including Liverpool Road – the main shopping street, laneway network and Ashfield Rail Station. The Master Plan, informed by a comprehensive community engagement program provides Ashfield Council with costed and prioritised public domain improvements that address key urban design issues in the town centre and bring immediate and substantial benefits to the community, including:

  • Reinforcing a sense of place for Ashfield including the establishment of a coordinated family of public domain elements.
  • Activating and capitalising the unique character of the town.
  • Centre creating a vibrant network of streets and laneways.
  • Improving accessibility and safety.
  • Attracting people to the town centre with quality design and improved amenity.
  • Promoting a sense of pride and community in all users of the town centre.