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CM+, working collaboratively with Urban Growth, Cox Architects and Oculus on the Parramatta Road Corridor Urban Transformation Strategy team, received two PIA NSW Awards on 8 November 2017.

Best Planning Ideas – Large Project, awarded for ‘…its whole of government approach, showing how stage and local government approach can work together and for is innovation in relation to engagement and implementation…’ of the $198 million Urban Amenity improvement program. Click here to view an extract from the PIA Awards booklet.

This was a genuine attempt and integrating land use and transport planning with infrastructure planning ‘…put together in challenging circumstances and will guide and positively impact many in Sydney.’

The Hard–Won Victory awarded to this project that ‘…tackled fragmentation of governance land use due to the number of local councils involved, with limited financial resources and the engagement strategy pursued with the community over a three year period, as well as… its whole-of-government approach to the Strategy and its innovative stakeholder engagement model now being replicated across Government.’ Click here to view an extract from the PIA Awards booklet.