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When Ranti Ng joined CM+ as a junior accounts assistant on an overseas student visa more than 17 years ago, she never imagined where her career trajectory would take her. 

Since then, she has held a diverse number of roles at CM+ in HR management, finance leadership, risk management and admin. Today, she is the CFO of the practice, and has recently added Director (of Finance) to her title.

Ranti says her day to day presents fresh and stimulating challenges far beyond the ‘black and white’ experience typical of accountants. She reflects on her journey to date, and why she’s proud to be part of the leadership team that’s contributing  to the firm’s achievements.

After 15+ years, what motivates you to go to work every day? 

At CM+ career development is encouraged. I’m not pigeon-holed into just doing number-crunching, and have been able to step into a management role helping and supporting my team to maximise their potential.

I’m constantly learning from my team and colleagues, especially the founding directors, Bill and Darrel. Everyone at CM+ is like my second family. Bill and Darrel have mentored me to be a humble leader and they have helped me feel purposeful, motivated and energised so I can bring my best to work. When you’re trusted, it goes a really long way.

How does CM+ nurture its staff members?

CM+ is building a culture of learning and an atmosphere that encourages our team members to become the best at what they and to push the boundaries of what they already know.

Our people are our greatest asset, so we support and encourage their growth and development. Our projects reflect this. We are committed to lifelong learning, we are always asking, ‘hang on, how can we do this better?’

We’re constantly re-skilling ourselves to stay ahead of the curve. It’s about coming back to the mindset of not ever getting too comfortable and adapting, whether it is new technology, a new system or a better way of doing things.

What is the culture like at CM+?

CM+ team is diverse, inclusive and genuine. We know how to have fun. Our open studio is collegiate, encouraging ideas where the sum of the team exceeds individual contributions. We look out for each other and help each other succeed. 

We are curious and we are creative. We love food almost as much as we love design. We participate in events that promote health and fitness in the workplace, foster goodwill and camaraderie while creating a difference  in the community like the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge. As a multicultural team we hold international lunches where everyone brings their home-cooked national dish to share.

What’s surprised you most about your time at CM+?

Originally, I was a numbers geek with an accounting background. I came here with little design awareness and interest. But I’ve since become genuinely passionate about the ‘look and feel’ of everything around me. I love seeing the whole journey of design through its different stages. I’m very proud of our projects, the way we place make and create spaces for people to enjoy. 

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